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      1. Consider taking one of our popular art classes!

        We have options for every age and every experience level.

        Community Classes





        And All of Everything

        Gary James Joynes & Brad Necyk
        June 16–August 13

        And All of Everything?is an immersive audio/visual experience. Two minimalist experimental films play in a never-ending loop. The works reflect on the nature of time, consciousness, ecology and climate change. Passing through cycles of day and night, we wander the space between consciousness and dreaming.??

        Opening reception/artist talk: July 21 from?6–8 pm Register

        Inperson tours with curator: ?June 22 and July 21 at 12 pm Register

        Virtual tour with curator:?June 29 at 12 pm Register

        July Artwalk: July 7, from 6–8 pm More info

        Rental and Sales Gallery

        Whether you are looking for an introduction to lol artists, for a special piece to complete your home, or to activate a stimulating work environment, the Rental & Sales Gallery may have what you are looking for. We represent emerging and established artists and offer affordable and commitment free rental options. We n also offer interest-free payment plans on all sales. (Image by Frances Alty-Arscott)

        Learn More